Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Men's Support Group

Men's Group
Ken, Rollie, Jesse & McCune
[Not pictured here: mrTom, Viv and a number others no longer attending and/or no longer living in the area. Some past members were Cristy, Ed, Craig, Jon, Stevik, Sky, et al.]

One of many. There are many and various small groups at Twin Oaks meeting for support, personal growth, games, etc. Currently though we're the only defined men's group. There is at least one women's group active.

Together for a long time. Our group has been meeting for years. Not sure any of us can remember when we started meeting but Rollie and McCune have been part of the group for 10 years maybe? Rollie, McCune and Jesse are really the core of the group these days.

We're a group by invitation, but if a Twin Oaks man asked we'd likely say yes please do join us. We've been thinking lately we should have another regular group member.

Support. We meet Sunday for a few hours for check-ins and support. We mostly talk about personal issues, joys and struggles. Only occasionally do we get into over talk about community or gender specific politics.

Very occasionally we'll make some outing like a trip to the mountains. Our affiliation in this group greatly increases the sense of personal connection we have living in a large commune as we do..

Once a member of our group, always a member. Though Ken and Jesse no longer live at Twin Oaks they continue to come to this group as have others over the years. Jesse lives nearby and attends nearly every Sunday.

Each Man's Story. Maybe some of us will write about our experiences in the group. We'll post that here, if and when.