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Reading Window

Reading Window School

The Reading Window methods were originated by Piper Martin especially for remedial work, and were then found to be equally useful for improving enjoyment and comprehension for good readers.

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To date, these methods have been used succesfully with readers ages 3 to 52, with a variety of "learning disabilites." Non-readers have become readers. Average readers have attained honor roll status. Piper Martin died in 2013 but the Reading Window School continues to thrive.

The "Window" in the name refers to a learning aid device, a card with a rectangle or notch cut in it. The beginning reading student focuses on one word at a time, thus improving concentration by removing the distraction of the other words. During the warmup period, if the student hesitates, the tutor reads the word aloud. (Thus, for the non-reader, the tutor begins by reading all the words as they appear in the Window, with the student controlling the movement of the Window.)

Gradually, standard teaching techniques are brought into play, but in a different sequence than is usual. These reading instruction techniques are remarkably effective for homeschooling, alternative education, tutoring, and adult literacy.

Please direct all inquiries to the Reading Window school. Contact info can be found on the website.