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The links in this article have not been maintained for many years but are provided as an example of material prepared by one of the clubs that was active at one time at Twin Oaks.
EXCELLENT Query Engine AllMovieGuide InternetMovieDataBase
GOOD Find a Video RogerEbert Greatest Films Yahoo
LOCAL In C'ville In Richmond WashingtonPost Virginia Film Festival

Guide to above Main Links

Greetings! This is the first web site designed especially for people living at Twin Oaks, but anyone can make use of its links when searching for ideas on a good movie to watch. Use this site to help me as Video Manager give you a better Video Program. Give me feedback; make your requests for future showings; and use the below links to read some movie reviews, and get some ideas for requests. Enjoy - Ken [This page not updated significantly since 1999.]

  • List of Videos shown here since Spring 1997 (updated thru 3/15/99) (see elsewhere in this document)
  • E-mail me your requests - Remember to leave your name, or e-mail me from your own account (which you'll need to do - if this mail link doesn't work on your computer)
  • E-mail me your feedback

Links to Lists of Best Films

Links on the American Film Institute's list of the 100 top American movies made

Get movies recommended to you based on others that you've liked (requires free registration)

Description of top-of-the-page Main Links

  • AllMovieGuide - the best one-stop movie database on the web
  • InternetMovieDataBase - the second best
  • Query Engine - Finds links to on-line reviews for a particular movie from dozens of sites -
  • RogerEbert - including this one (of 'Siskel&Ebert' fame) at the Chicago Sun Times.
  • Find a Video - Reviews of the movies most likely to be found in the video stores. To guide you in your search, movies are listed by category (including film location), and you can add titles you're interested in to a printable list.
  • WashingtonPost - where you can search more than 3,800 Post reviews of films available on video since 1986
  • Greatest Films - gives plot summaries (with actual film dialogue) and commentary for some of the best Hollywood and American classic films.
  • Yahoo's directory to hundreds of links on movies
  • In C'ville - Guide to what's showing in the Charlottesville theatres.
  • In Richmond - Guide to what's showing in the Richmond theatres.
  • Virginia Film Festival - site for the upcoming (around Halloween) annual festival in Charlottesville.