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Folder Ex-Member Pages

If an ex-member requests, we'll link to their website(s) here (at our discretion). Note that Kana was a member of Twin Oaks who died here. The Cherry's Art link is art produced during her time as a Twin Oaks member. Some other links here may be internal to Twin Oaks website, maintained here for various reasons.

Abeja treks around the world.
Anissa's Grow Mama blog
McGee Yoga
Conscious Evolution HomePage
Cherry's Art

Craig's Healing Carnival
Devon Devon's music pages. Devon grew up at Twin Oaks.
Dicky Stutsman's WorldWorks Symposium (member 1970-71)
Ed Gottlieb sells his father's beautiful photos of well known jazz artists.
Jesse Ken's Link-o-Rama
Kana Memorial
Marcello's Tomorrow Waits for No One
Mele's Hello
Phaedrus (Paul)
Rob Loring's Accurate Democracy
Samadhi's Personal page and Design Company
Ted's Crippled Circus
Sumati Abundant Dawn Community
Woody's Blog

If you are an ex-member, and you would like your email address or homepage posted here, contact us here.

If you've ever lived at Twin Oaks, visited or been our guest we'd love to stay in touch with you. Please send us your current contact information by filling out our webform.