Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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An assortment of the Misfortunes that were found inside the misfortune cookies:
"Life has no meaning, at least not for you."
"It won't get better."
"You'll be assigned 14 K-shifts next week." (reader note: normally we each get 1 K-shift--kitchen cleaning--a week)
"You will have a failed polyamorous relationship and lose your partner to your best friend."
"You will never find matching socks again." [Posted 4-November-2008.]

Suede as a Velvet Ant

Costumes worn by members included: (warning: some may be in questionable taste!!)

The pregnant Virgin Mary (by one of our members who is 3 months pregnant)

Sarah Palin's pregnant teenage daughter (costume worn by a 40-year old man)

An Undecided Voter (person's face painted half-black, half white)

CrashDance (an 80's style outfit complete with legwarmers, with bruises all over the body from falling down while dancing)

Smartie Pants (regular pants with Smarties candies attached all over them)

The reincarnation of Benazir Bhutto (by the same member who had dressed up as her a couple of years ago, before she was assassinated)

Peak Oil (person adorned with garbage bags and car-oil cans, with a trickle of fake oil dripping out of their head)

Johnny Cash (complete with 3-piece live band, led the whole room in singing a round of "Ring of Fire")

....and our usual assortment of Twin Oaks members who dress up as other Twin Oaks members, wearing the other person's clothes, or adopting a distinctive hair style or accessory.