Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Twin Oakers have a penchant for naming everything, including all of our communally-owned vehicles. By Valerie Renwick-Porter. [posted 23-Jan-2006]

No one has a personal vehicle while living here. Here's a list of our current vehicle names:

From our female icon theme:

  • Indigo Girl (a blue car)
  • Moon Unit (a silvery/gold truck)
  • Betty Boop
  • Lola

Puns on the word "car":

  • Cari Krishna
  • Escargot

Two of our vans:

  • Vandrogyny
  • Vanarchy

Other vehicle names:

  • DragonWagon (greeny-blue station wagon)
  • Navy Gravy (a tip of the hat to counter-culture icon Wavy Gravy) (a navy truck)
  • Higher Yellow (reference to a Mao quote) (a yellow truck)
  • Utofia (our tofu delivery truck)
  • Viva Zapata (a nod to the Zapatistas)
  • V-Eight (the last and punniest (it has a V8 engine) of our "beverage" series which included OJ and Cocoa, which were orange and brown vehicles)
  • Blanche Whipple (white van)
  • Ozone
  • Jonathan Lesbian Seagull