On April 16 2003, the first night of Passover, a group of Twin Oakers joined together for a Seder. The Seder was held in Degania, one of our buildings that is named after a kibbutz in Israel. There were some traditional elements--Elijah's cup, matzoh ball soup, the Seder plate with the usual offerings, such as bitter herbs, a roasted egg, and shank of lamb. However, we also celebrated the Seder as a living ritual, modifying it as many people do, to focus on liberation for all who are oppressed. Our table included a cup for Miriam as well as Elijah, a beet on the Seder plate to include vegetarians (it "bleeds" as well), and an awareness of groups of people in our culture as well as those in other parts of the world who are currently suffering under oppression. We concluded the evening with various songs of liberation. Next Year in Utopia! [Posted 16-Apr-2003]