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Sage Wisdom

The Novice climbs the mountain in search of the wisdom of the sage who lives alone atop its peak.

The Novice arrives at Sunrise and the Sage is already outside in the cool mountain breeze meditating on the heavenly performance.

After patiently waiting for the sun and the sage to rise, the Novice approaches and says "I have climbed this mountain so that you might share your wisdom with me"

"And this i shall do" said the sage "What is it that you seek ?"

"I seek the most important thing" said the novice

"Ahh" repied the sage "That would be good judgement"

"And what is the source of good judgement" inquired the novice

"That would be experience" answered the sage

"And from where comes experience" asked the novice politely

"Bad judgement" replied the sage, with a smile.