Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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ARTICLE I. Definitions and Purpose.
ARTICLE II. Membership.
ARTICLE III. Governance.
ARTICLE IV. The Property Code.
ARTICLE V. Dissolution of the Community.
ARTICLE VI. Amendment of the Bylaws.

Article I

ARTICLE I. Definitions and Purpose.

Paragraph One. Definitions.

A. Twin Oaks Community, Incorporated (hereinafter "Twin Oaks" or "the Community") is an intentional community owned and operated by its members, who act in accordance with its Statement of Religious Beliefs and Practices, share all income and expenses, rear their children communally, and are collectively responsible for all the needs of the Community's members and children, including food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education, and other needs and amenities considered desirable, insofar as the Community is able to provide them.

B. Throughout these Bylaws, "the Community" is used in a sense that implies that the Community makes decisions or takes actions. All such references shall be interpreted as meaning that the responsible officers or directors of the Community make the decision or take the action referred to unless otherwise specified to mean the voting membership of the Community.

C. Whenever in these Bylaws the word "member" or "membership" is used without the qualifying adjectives "full" or "provisional," the word shall be taken to apply to all full and provisional members.

D. The term "members in transition" shall mean members during their first seven days of membership, or such portion of that time as is provided for by Community policy, and members during their final four weeks of membership, or such portion of that time as is provided for by Community policy.

E. The terms "voting membership" and "voting members" shall in all cases mean the full membership, except for members in transition, and shall exclude the provisional membership.

F. The word "co" shall mean "she or he"; "cos" shall mean "hers or his"; "coself" shall mean "herself or himself."

Paragraph Two. Purpose.

Together our aim is to perpetuate and expand a society based on cooperation, sharing, and equality:

A. Which serves as one example of a cooperative social organization, relevant to the world at large, and promotes the formation and growth of similar communities;

B. Which strives to treat all people in a kind, gentle, honest, and fair manner, without violence or competition;

C. Which assumes responsibility for maintaining the availability of natural resources for present and future generations through ecologically sound production and consumption;

D. Which in the behavior of individuals and of the Community strives to eliminate the attitudes and results of sexism, racism, ageism, and competitiveness;

E. Which has no special privilege or benefit associated with positions of responsibility, and does not permit the power or influence necessitated by efficient government to differentially promote the welfare of the governing group, or of any other subgroup;

F. Which assumes responsibility for the material and social needs of its members, according to the principle "from each according to cos ability; to each according to cos need"; and

G. Which strives to be self-reliant by producing for itself the goods and services necessary for the maintenance of the Community.

Paragraph Three. Implementation.

The Definitions and Purpose stated above shall be implemented through:

A. Intentionality in our planning and daily functioning to discover and encourage the most desirable behaviors for individual members and the most desirable goals and methods of functioning for the Community as a whole;

B. A system of internal economics that holds all land, labor, and other resources in common, and makes the material benefits of the Community available to all members equally or according to need;

C. A general practice of respecting the liberty of each individual member to as great an extent as is consistent with the well being of the Community and the laws of the government in whose jurisdiction it lies;

D. A participatory form of government in which the voting members have either a direct vote or the right of impeachment or overrule;

E. A collective form of maintenance, care, education, and responsibility for all children residing in the Community;

F. An emphasis in the Community's social policy and practices on fostering responsibility and commitment, on cooperation rather than competition, and on affirming rather than punishing means for changing behavior;

G. A general practice of open membership, so long as the potential member's acceptance is consistent with the purposes and social needs of the Community and with the happiness of its members;

H. An insistence on the non-involvement by all members in acts which are defined by the Community as conflicting with the purposes and policies set forth in this Article.

Paragraph Four. Use by Other Parties.

In no event shall the resources or facilities of this Community be used to further in any manner any project or activity or purpose of any group or individual that is inconsistent with the purpose of the Community as set forth in this Article.