Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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1. If a former member wishes to rejoin Twin Oaks and has been gone for more than a year, co follows the membership procedure described above for newcomers.

2. If the ex-member has been gone less than a year, the Membership Team issues a provisional member poll to full members with the following options:

ACCEPT WITH FEEDBACK (a contract is not a possible outcome of the Feedback)
FEEDBACK (a contract is a possible outcome)

Whenever possible, the Membership Team will complete the initial poll prior to the ex-member’s return.

a. If fewer than 10% of the full members vote REJECT, FEEDBACK or ACCEPT WITH FEEDBACK, then the returning ex-member is accepted as a provisional member without further process.

b. If 10% or more vote ACCEPT WITH FEEDBACK, FEEDBACK or REJECT, but the total of FEEDBACK and REJECT votes is less than 10%, the returning ex-member is accepted with a Feedback.

c. If 10% or more of the full members vote FEEDBACK or REJECT, a Feedback is mandatory, with the possible outcome of a contract.

d. If 15% or more of the full members vote REJECT, then the Membership Team informs the Process Team that a feedback is required. Representatives of the Membership Team will attend the feedback. In the case of returning ex-members, the Membership Team will determine within two days following the feedback whether a contract is feasible and desirable. If the Membership Team decides against pursuing a contract, it will issue a poll one week after the feedback on which the only options are ACCEPT and REJECT. If the Membership Team decides to pursue a contract, it will instruct the Contract Team to meet and start a contracting process with the ex-member. See Section III of this policy on contracting process. One week after the contract has been made available to the community, the Membership Team will issue a second poll with the options of ACCEPT, ACCEPT WITH CONTRACT and REJECT.

e. If, on this second poll, 15% or more of the full members vote REJECT, the person is rejected. If fewer than 15% vote REJECT but 10% or more vote REJECT or ACCEPT WITH CONTRACT, the person is accepted with the contract.

3. If accepted, the month away requirement will be waived and these members will be placed at the top of any existing waiting list.