Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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If it is determined through the membership process that a conditional membership contract shall be considered, this is the process that shall be used.


1. Conditional membership contract. A conditional membership contract is a contract entered into between the community and a member, as a condition for continued membership in the community. These contracts may be referred to simply as "contracts" elsewhere in this document.

2. Contract Team. Shall be comprised of a member of each of the following bodies: Community Planners, Community Membership Team, Health Team, Process Team, and a member at large. If the contract that is being made involves another body, such as the Child Board, etc., then a representative from that body shall sit on the Contract Team for that particular contract. Also present during the negotiations will be the focus person and/or an advocate for the focus person if co chooses to have one.

The Contract Team (CT )is the bottom-line decision maker on (a) whether a contract is the appropriate option (except in the case of returning ex-members, in which case the CMT is the bottom-line decision maker), (b) the contents of the contract, (c) the duration of the contract, (d) monitoring contract compliance as well as calling any public meetings relevant to the contract, (e) determining if a contract should be considered irrevocably broken after a public meeting on such a topic.

3. Length of Contract. Contracts shall be for a period not less than six months and not more than a year from the date they are signed.

4. Status of Membership. When the community enters into a conditional membership contract with a provisional member, the focus person shall remain a provisional member for the duration of the contract. Some benefits, such as health coverage and possible other benefits normally provided for full members, will be given to those whose provisional membership is extended because of a contract since their provisional membership will then go well beyond the normal six-month period.

5. Focus Person. The member being contracted with.

6. Irrevocably Broken Contract. For the purpose of this policy, irrevocably broken is used to mean that some term or terms of the contract have been broken, or have not been met, to the extent that the community as represented by the CT (see III.B.13) does not wish to re-negotiate and wants the focus person to honor the agreement to drop cos membership. This provision is not meant to apply each time a focus person breaks any aspect of cos contract, but rather is intended for use when reasonable negotiation does not seem to be working and inappropriate or undesirable behaviors or circumstances persist. If the focus person refuses to drop cos membership when asked, the Contract Team may cancel the contract (regardless of its stated expiration date), at which time a full member poll will be issued by the Membership Team. In the alternative, expulsion proceedings may be used.