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Seed Racks for SESE

For many years, Twin Oaks has proudly overseen the Wholesale Seed Racks division of Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE), a cherished venture of our sister community, Acorn. Established in 1982, SESE owes its origins to the passionate commitment of its founder, Dr. Jeff McCormack, whose profound love for heirloom varieties and seed preservation remains at the heart of SESE's principles to this day.

Our mission is clear and unwavering: to champion the cause of organic gardening, safeguard the precious genetic resources of our planet, and empower gardeners with the option to nurture and harvest their own seeds. At Seed Racks, we specialize in providing a diverse selection of organic open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Our ultimate goal is to introduce gardeners from all walks of life to the enchanting world of these extraordinary plant varieties.

A significant proportion of the seeds we offer are cultivated on small farms within our extensive network. In addition to fulfilling orders for stores and partners across the region, we take pride in crafting and supplying exquisite wooden seed display racks that beautifully showcase our carefully curated seed collection.

As the years have passed, SESE has flourished and evolved, and the Seed Racks division has become a vital source of income for Twin Oaks. This growth reflects our unwavering commitment to nurturing sustainable agriculture, promoting biodiversity, and fostering a thriving community of garden enthusiasts.

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[This article last updated October 2023.]