Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Many people like you are interested in our lifestyle and would like to support it, but aren't at a time or place in their lives to move here. We would like to offer several ways you can support an income-sharing, egalitarian and non-violent lifestyle without actually living here.

If you'd like to donate, please contact us to make arrangements or for shipping information. Support for Twin Oaks comes in many flavors. You can:

Buy our products and services (hammocks, tofu, book indexing) and/or recommend them to the people in your personal or work life.

Become a subscriber to our email newsletter "The Leaves of Twin Oaks" (formerly a print publication) by using the signup box at the very top (right side) of this page.

Purchase the most recent book about us, "Is It Utopia Yet?" or ask your local library to purchase it (author: Kat Kinkade, publisher: Twin Oaks Publishing, ISBN: 0-9640445-0-1)

Make a financial donation to Twin Oaks Community (unfortunately not tax-deductible due to our income-sharing tax status, but good karma will come your way)

Provide something off of our Wish List. One of the wonderful things about Twin Oaks is our culture of re-using things. Because we have a diverse range of 100 people here, if someone needs something or has something they're done with, we can often find new homes for your "pre-loved treasures" here.

Sometimes we can also use things that people who don't live here are done with, but that are still serviceable. Generally we're more interested in functionality and utilitarianism than aesthetics, so as long as something still works for the purpose it was originally intended for, we don't mind if it has some scratches or is a bit outdated. Along these lines, we prefer your used or unwanted items but we're happy to receive new items as well.

If you have something you think we'd like that is not listed here, please contact us before sending it to check in about it.

Wish List


linen -- towels, sheets, pillowcases, blankets, pillows
clocks -- wall or desk, battery or electric
lamps -- desk or floor
plates -- ceramic/plastic
bowls -- ceramic/plastic
large glass drinking glasses


soap -- liquid or cake
massage oil -- scented or unscented


clothing -- need not be in perfect condition
office supplies -- pens, pencils, markers, scissors, staplers
books -- fiction, nonfiction, sci-fi, less than 5 years old
computers -- laptop or desktop, in good condition, less than 6 years old
bicycles -- in good operating condition
yoga mats -- need not be in perfect condition