Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Twin Oaks Academic Speaker Tour (TOAST)

jonah communing with nature
jonah communing with nature

Peace and Love, long-haired hippies, and social dropouts? Sure, we’ve got some of that and more. We also have over 100 people sharing 450 acres of land, 8 residence buildings, 30 cows, 4 major businesses, and 17 cars. We are a 36 year-old experiment in community living. We have created our own form of governance, methods of communicating, cultural standards, and our own system of economics. We strive for environmental sustainability, egalitarianism, and non-violence, and we work consciously against classism, sexism and ageism in our culture.

Explore this alternative culture in the college classroom

homegrown raspberries make us happy
homegrown raspberries
make us happy

We can tailor our presentation to the needs of your class; we’ve done everything from a half hour-long overview of the community, to a three-hour discussion on gender. We have both traditional slides and digital pictures (we can also draw on chalkboards). We are comfortable speaking in many different settings: academic classrooms, informal roundtable discussions, lectures to thousands in huge auditoriums… we can do it all. (see details on workshops)

"I thought your presentation was wonderful: so gracious, so challenging, so good at meeting the students where they were. You opened their eyes to worlds most didn't even know existed. For some, that was daunting. For others, it was troubling. And for a few, it clearly opened ideas and possibilities that had not been there before. Thanks! And come again soon. We need what you have to say."

GardenDr. James Huffman,
Wittenberg University
Department of History