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This section covers Is It Utopia Yet? by Kathleen Kinkade, Twin Oaks in the Media, the Twin Oaks academic speaker tour (TOAST), and links.

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Three books have been written about Twin Oaks over the years, two of them authored by Kathleen Kinkade and published by Twin Oaks. The third was authored by Ingrid Komar.

Is It Utopia Yet? by Kathleen Kinkade is in its third printing (as of 2004), still available wholesale through Twin Oaks, but no longer available retail except as a used book from varoius online sellers.

Living the Dream: A Documentary Study of Twin Oaks Community by Ingrid Komar (1983; 408 pages; paperbound) is in print, available from The Fellowship for Intentional Community. Written in cooperation with the members of Twin Oaks, this book covers everything from decision making and economics to interpersonal relationships.

A Walden Two Experiment: The First Five Years of Twin Oaks Community by Kathleen Kinkade is out of print. It can sometimes be found at used book outlets.

Besides Kat's books written about Twin Oaks, there are now a few authors who have published books on other topics.

Pam authored a quite successful book called Sustainable Market FarmingShe now has a second book coming out in 2018 called The Year Around Hoophouse. Scheduled publication date Nov 20 2018.

Ira (dual member Twin Oaks and Acorn) has a book out called The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast. Ira also contributes to a Mother Earth News blog.

Alexis (ex-member, founder of nearby Living Energy Farm community) has published Integrated Activism.

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Explore our alternative culture in the college classroom!

Twin Oaks can send a speaker to your location, tailoring our presentation to the needs of your class. We’ve done everything from a half hour-long overview of the community, to a three-hour discussion on gender. We have both traditional slides and digital pictures (we can also draw on chalkboards). We are comfortable speaking in many different settings: academic classrooms, informal round-table discussions, lectures to thousands in huge auditoriums… we can do it all.

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