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Twin Oaks often is mentioned or has published content in Communites magazine

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All periodicals listed were published in the USA unless otherwise noted.

Operants BFSkinner Newsletter article by Adder published early 2019. The newsletter is a publication of the B F Skinner foundation. The article was published on the 70th anniversary of the publication of the book Walden Two.

Richmond Magazine: Share and Share Alike April 2017

Richmond Magazine: Daughter of Twin Oaks April 2017 An interview of Josie Kinkade.

Richmond Magazine article June 18 2013 "A Cultivated Community" The self-sustained Twin Oaks commune in Louisa County uses free-market pragmatism to preserve a place where free spirits can thrive. (By Gary Robertson. June 2013, original article.)

Washington Post Food Blog article (1.06 MB) about our Tofu busines by a writer who toured Twin Oaks (May 2013, Carolyn Hax, original article).

 Salon online article (206.45 kB) appeared in salon.com February 2013 "I worked hard for no pay — and I dug it" by Rachel Monroe

Virginia Community Practices Grassroots Participatory Democracy (66.49 kB) , September 2007

Contraste magazine [alternative publication from Cologne Germany] appearing Spring 2007: " Aging in Community (62.98 kB) " by Valerie Livingwater.

Communities magazine #134, Spring 2007: " Financial Security vs. Community Freedom (56.79 kB) " Federation Update column by Tom Freeman [slated for publication March-April 2007]

Women, Food, and Agriculture Network Newsletter an  Interview with Pam for Women Food Agriculture (27.22 kB) of Twin Oaks, that will be published in an upcoming issue of the WFAN newsletter. [5 Feb 2006]

Bust Magazine is a hip urban feminist magazine aimed at 20- and 30-somethings. They did an article that appeared in their winter 2003 issue focused on Twin Oaks as Feminist Ecovillage - Bust magazine (82.77 kB)

The Richmond Times Dispatch sent off an intrepid reporter Anne Townsend to the sticks to find out what was going on here for the weekend section - she recommends the Saturday Tour and specifically a ride on the Swing of Affliction at the Playground of Death and Rebirth.

Straight Dope column by Cecil Adams. August 15, 2003. "Whatever became of B. F. Skinner?" B F Skinner - Straight Dope (30.3 kB) Here's a small segment of the text: " In contrast to Orwell's book, Walden Two offered an optimistic vision of the future, which no doubt explained its appeal to 18-year-old middle-class peace marchers. Unfortunately, like a lot of authors popular at the time (Robert Heinlein comes to mind, and don't even get me started on Hermann Hesse), Skinner was more monologuist than novelist, and the book's value as literature is slight. It did, however, inspire a commune, Twin Oaks, which survives in rural Virginia to this day."

Indymedia Website, March 2002. Raj and Paxus, " A Better World is Possible! (32.81 kB) "

Bi Lines On Line: The Electronic Newsletter of the Richmond Bisexual Network (ROBIN). Vol. 1 No. 4, Jan-Feb 2002. Raj, "Being Bi in Community."

Brave New World (revisited): A generation later, a daughter retraces her father’s search for utopia, Virginia.Dec 18, 2001. Melissa Sinclair, Richmond VA Style Weekly article. Brave New World - Style Weekly (49.72 kB)

The Washington Post Magazine, Sun, Nov. 15, 1998. Tamara Jones, "The Other American Dream," pp. W1, W12-W19, W27-W31. (Cover story, with headline: "Paradise Sought: A commune confronts the questions of midlife.") Other American Dream - Washington Post (86.46 kB)

ABCNEWS.com, Sep. 22, 1998. Wayne Taylor, "Commune Sense"

Chicago Tribune, Sun., June 7, 1988. Glen Elsasser, "swing time: In between farm chores, housekeeping and child care, members of a Virginia commune weave icons of summer relaxation," Home section (section 15), pp. 1, 4.

Country Connections, Spring 1998. Mara Rockliff, "Yuppie No More: A City Girl's Communal Search for the Good Life," np.

IC Web Site, May 1998. The Art of Community (May 22-24, 1998 A Weekend of Workshops and Networking with the Fellowship for Intentional Community Have you been looking for more community in your life? Wondering what an intentional community is? Considering intentional community as a home?... )

Social Anarchism, #25, 1998. Denise "Syd" Fredrickson, "Twin Oaks," pp. 43-44. Social Anarchism Essay (22.32 kB)

Communities, #97, Winter 1997. "Community Grapevine" (Brief recap of Twin Oaks' 30th Anniversary Celebration, Women's Gathering, and Communities Conference.)

Communities, #97, Winter 1997. Laird Sandhill, "Publisher's Note - Snapshot of a Moving Target: The Communities Movement."

Communities, #96, Fall 1997. Alex McGee, "FEDERATION UPDATE--A "Big Sister" Community to Help"

Communities, #96, Fall 1997. Kat Kinkade, "Food Wars Vigilant vegetarians vs. carousing carnivores; ice-cream aficianados vs. the Sugar Police."

Notes From Windward, Year 10, #58, Summer/ Fall 1997. Craig Green, "Intentional relationships: a manifesto." Intentional Relationships (65.61 kB)

The Washington Times, Aug. 20, 1997. Julia Duin, "'Structure' helped commune survive beyond the 1960s," np.

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Aug. 31, 1997. Gary Robertson, "Twin Oaks: Louisa commune is turning 30, preparing to grow some more," pp. C1(?), C6.

The New York Times Magazine, Sun., Aug. 3, 1997. Daniel Pinchbeck, "Paradise Not Quite Lost," pp. 26-29.

The Los Angeles Times, Mon., July 28, 1997. Bob Sipchen, "Well, It's No Walton Mountain," Life and Style Section, pp. 1, 4.

Communities, #95, Summer, 1997. Laird Sandhill, "Publisher's Note - All the Numbers Are Up: Subscriptions, Ad Revenues, Distributor Sales, and Net Loss."

Communities, #94, Spring 1997. Gordon Sproule, "FEDERATION UPDATE--Does 'Success' Spoil the Commune?"

Communities, #94, Spring 1997. Nina Barbara Cohen, "Sawdust, Cow Manure, and Confidence: What can community living teach us about Life and Work?"

Communities, #93, Winter 1996. Leslie Greenwood, "Federation Update: Musical Theater at Twin Oaks"

The St. Petersburg Times (Florida), nd, 1996. Katherine Gazella, "Tie-dye, tofu, and capitalism meet in Virginia commune," pp. 1, 25A

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sun., Sep. 15, 1996. Ellen O'Brian, "Community Redux," pp. G1, G4, G5.

Communities, #90, Spring 1996. Kat Kinkade, "Are We Keeping Culturally Diverse People Out?" (THE DIVERSITY OF TWIN OAKS membership, in the sense of ideological differences, has been at times...)

Communities, #89, Winter 1995. Kat Kinkade and Mildred Gordon, "'Benevolent Dictators' in Community?" (Kat and Mildred Debate Strong Central Government vs Decision by Dialog, Part II.)

Communities, #88, Fall 1995. Kat Kinkade and Mildred Gordon, "'Benevolent Dictators' in Community?" (Kat and Mildred Debate Strong Central Government vs Decision by Dialog, Part I.)

Communities, #88, Fall 1995. Alex McGee, "FEDERATION UPDATE--Are Federation Communities Aspiritual?" (Alex McGee of Twin Oaks observes that multi faceted spirituality. not religion, is blossoming in FEC communities.")

Communities, #87, Summer 1995. Kat Kinkade, "FEDERATION UPDATE--Acorn, East Wind, and Twin Oaks: Not Three Peas in a Pod." (Kat Kinkade describes how each community--founded on the same principles--developed its own appealing and idiosyncratic character.)

Communities, #86, Spring 1995. Keenan, "More Confident, Less Idealistic (How We Grow in Community"

Communities, #86, Spring 1995. Leslie Greenwood, "Life in a Fishbowl." (Leslie Greenwood of Twin Oaks offers a lighthearted look at life up-close and transparent, community-style.)

Communities Directory (book). Kat Kinkade, "How To Visit an Intentional Community."

Communities Directory (book). Diana Christian, "Raising and Educating Children in Community."

The Washington Post, Dec. 31, 1994. David Maurer, "After 27 Years, Commune Still Thrives in Louisa, Va.," p. E3.

Communites, #85, Winter 1994. Kat Kinkade, "Governing Ourselves at Twin Oaks."

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), Sun., Nov. 20, 1994. David A. Maurier, "All you need is love...and a little hard work: Louisa's commune is still growing after all these years," pp.D1, D9.

Natural Life, Mar.-Apr. 1994. Helen Forsey, "Intentional Communities: Twin Oaks, a Profile," np.

Communities, #85, Winter 1994. Deborah Altus, "Is It Utopia Yet?" (Book Review.)

The News & Advance (Lynchburg, VA), Sun., Nov. 21, 1993. Dave Schleck, "Communal Living: Twin Oaks offers stress-free work environment" pp. B1, B2.

Off Our Backs, Apr. 1991. Juana Maria Gonzalez Paz, "Visiting an Intentional Community," pp. 22-23.

Off Our Backs, Apr. 1991. Donna Oneida, "What Is an Intentional Community?" p. 23.

Labyrinth, the Philadelphia Women's Newspaper, Nov. 1990. Megan Moser, "Twin Oaks: An Alternative Community," pp. 1.9.

Roanoke Times & World-News (Virginia), Sun., Mar. 5, 1989. Jessica Clarke, "Uncommon lives, common goals," Extra section, pp.1,4

Whole Earth Review, Summer 1986. Kathleen Kinkade, "A Commune that Works, So Far," pp. 80-84.

The Free Lance-Star (Fredericksburg, VA) Town & Country, May 10, 1986. Daryl Lease, Twin Oaks: A try at Utopia" pp. 12-17.

Commonwealth Times (Richmond, VA), Feb. 18-24, 1986. Jodi Mailander, "A Utopian attempt at social change," pp. 1,8,9.

WM (Westermans Monatshefte, Germany), Feb. 1986. Harold Kaiser, "Die neue Neue Welt? Das Modell Twin Oaks," pp. 90-94.

Gamut, nd. Ingrid Komar, "Making Utopia Work," 18pp.

Central Virginian (Louisa, VA), Dec. 12, 1985. "Twin Oaks Hammock Business Fourth Largest in Nation," p. 12, Certification Supplement.

The Virginian-Pilot, Sun., Oct. 27, 1985. Mike D'orso, "Walden Revisited: Twin Oaks commune, a relic of the '60s, grows and flourishes in central Virginia," pp. J1-J3. (long article).

Arab News (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an English-language daily newspaper), Sep. 15, 1985. Virginia Curry, "Life in hippie estate goes at a slow pace." (A Reuters article.)

Southern Living (a magazine from North Carolina), Sept. 1985.

The News & Daily Advance (Lynchburg, VA), Sat., May 4, 1985. "Twin Oaks: '60s-style commune thriving in the 1980s," p. B-1. (An Associated Press article.)

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Sun., Mar. 24, 1985. John Wirt, "Utopian Twin Oaks: Its idealism thrives," pp. H-1, H-19.

Iris, a journal about women (Women's Studies, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA), #14, 1985. Mary Beth Oelkers-Keegan, "Celebrating the Dream: Twin Oaks Women's Gathering," pp. 46-49.

Hot Flash (a newsletter for midlife and older women), Vol. 4, #4, Winter, 1984. "A Time for Sharing, Friendship, and Mutual Aid under One Roof." (There is a section about Twin Oaks in an article about shared housing.)

Communities, #85, Winter 1994. Juana Maria Gonzalez Paz, "Letters, New Member Selection"

The Courier (Waterloo, Iowa), Sun., Nov. 4, 1984. "Living the dream: Intrigued by the community way of life." (Article about Cecilia, ex-Courier employee.)

APA Monitor (American Psychological Association), Vol. 15, #11, Nov. 1984, Colleen Cordes, "Easing toward perfection at Twin Oaks," pp1, 30-31.

Furniture Today, Oct. 22, 1984. "Twin Oaks Hammocks Making Use of Solar Kilns."

Communities, #63, Summer, 1984. Kat Kinkade, "Standard of Living and Quality of Life in Community."

Stern (Germany), 1984. "Das Regenbogen-Fest." (Article abour hippies includes mention of Twin Oaks.)

Communities, #61, Winter 1983-1984. Will Stewart, "A Look Down the Road." (Long-range planning in community.)

Communities, #59, July - Aug, 1983. "Reflections on Community Living."

Communities, #50, Oct. - Nov. 1981. "A Death in the Family." "Seth's Journal." "Bridging the Gap." (Articles about death at Twin Oaks.)

The Washington Post, May 4, 1981. Sandra G. Boodman, "Communal Life: A Haven for Some, Way Station for Others," pp. A1, A2.

The Washington Post, Sun., May 3, 1981. Sandra G. Boodman, "Commune, Inc.: Twin Oaks Owes Success to Capitalism, Compromise," pp. A1, A14.

Communities, #43, Feb. - Mar. 1981. Gerri, "Walden Who?" (A short story.)

WEB newsletter, 1981

Communities, #45, Oct. - Nov. 1980. Margaret Oaks, "Community Living: One Woman's Choice."

Communities, #43, Apr. - May 1980. Larry Lenske and Mikki Wenig, "It's the Community's Business." (About Twin Oaks' hammocks business.)

Tennessean (Nashville, TN), June 16, 1979. (T.O. weavers at Craft Cranny Festival.)

Miami Herald (Florida), Saturday, Jan. 27, 1979. "B.F. Skinner - PBS Takes a Second Look at the Man Who Rocked Science of Human Behavior." (An article on the NOVA show and Skinner's reaction to Twin Oaks.)

Sentinel Weekender (Fairmont, MN), Sat., Dec. 2, 1978. "Democracy Prevails at Virginia Commune." (Observations from a visit by a member's parents.)

Communities, #35, Nov. - Dec. 1978. "New Communities, A Real Alternative." (About 1978 Communities Conference at Twin Oaks.)

Communities, #33, July - Aug. 1978. Heidi and Joyce, "Demystifying 'Man-made' Technology." Also, "Mothers and Daughters Break with Tradition." (An interview with Kat and Josie Kinkade.)

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), June 23, 1978: Robert Kirk weaves a Twin Oaks Hammock at a fair in Tennessee.

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), Sun., June 11, 1978. "Children Reared in Commune Get Special Attention," and, "Lifestyle." 6pp.

Communities, #31, Mar. - Apr. 1978. David Ruth, "Social Science."

Communities, #28, Sep. - Oct. 1977. "Leaving Twin Oaks."

New Directions, No. 21, 1977. "Twin Oaks - An Experimental Community Prospers," pp. 26-32.

Communities, #25, Mar. - Apr. 1977. "The First Constitutional Assembly." (About the first meeting of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities.)

News-American (Baltimore, MD), Feb. 17, 1977. (Photo of Joan Mondale in a Twin Oaks hanging chair at Communities, #21, July - Aug. 1976. "Local Relations - Twin Oaks in Louisa County," 6 pp.

New Internationalist, July 1976. (Article about Walden Three.)

Communities, #18 Jan. - Feb. 1976. Gerri, "Government at Twin Oaks."

Communities, #16, Sep. - Oct. 1975. Susan Oaks, "Eight Years After," 5 pp. (About land-use planning at T.O.)

(Unknown Lexington, VA newspaper), July 1975. "Research, Vacation, Combined by Family."

Communities, #10, Nov. 1974. Pammy Bricker, "Art and Work in Community," and, "Twin Oaks Love Song." Also, "T.O. Conference/ Fawn's Day Watching." (On 1974 Twin Oaks Communities Conference.)

Ithaca Journal, Fri., Oct. 11, 1974. "Depression Will Send People Looking for Communities."

State Times (NY), Tue., Oct. 8, 1974. "A Visit to Twin Oaks."

Ms., August 1974. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, "Communes for All Seasons." (Author of book, Committment and Community.)

Communities, #9 July - Aug. 1974. "Twin Oaks and Little Folks." (About children at Twin Oaks.)

Communities, #8, May - June 1974. "Women in Community." (Interviews with women at Twin Oaks.) Also, "Jealosy: Coping with the Green Monster." (About Twin Oaks under the pseudonym, "Aurora".)

Communities, #6, Dec. 1973 - Jan. 1974. "Conferences '73." (Includes the 1973 Communities Conference at Twin Oaks.)

Christian Science Monitor, July 10, 1973. "Community Drew Them Together." (Article on Twin Oaks' Communities Conference.)

American-Statesman (Austin, TX), June 27, 1973. "Inside World of Communes." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Virginian Pilot (Norfork, VA), June 3, 1973. "Twin Oaks: Where Some Problems Persist."

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), Thursday, May 3, 1973. "Louisa Citizens Happily Remember Past." (Centennial parade including Twin Oaks float.)

Baltimore Sun (Maryland), Sun., Apr. 29, 1973. "The Garden Grows in Virginia." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), April 1, 1973. "Twin Oaks: The Peculiar Evolution to Utopia."

Library Journal, a review of Leaves of Twin Oaks by Bill Katz, July 1973 pp 2060-2061.

Pittsburgh Press (Pennsylvania), Mar. or Apr., 1973. (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Harper's, nd. (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

The Washington Post Sunday Book Section, Mar. 11, 1973. Karl Hess, "Family Plans." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Indianapolis Star (Indiana), Sun., Feb. 25, 1973. "Twin Oaks' Walden Two Experiment." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

New Times (Syracuse, NY), Feb. 15, 1973. "Turning Walden II into Reality." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

The Oklahoman, Sun., Feb. 11, 1973. "Farmer Dropouts Find Life is Real." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH), Sun., Feb. 11, 1973. "5 Years in Utopia, Va." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Psychology Today, Feb. 1973. Excerpt from A Walden Two Experiment by Kathleen Kinkade. 15pp.

Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 31, 1973. "Arts and Crafts while Rome Burns." (A review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Psychology Today, Jan. 1973. Excerpt from A Walden Two Experiment by Kathleen Kinkade. 15pp.

Communities, #4, 1973. (Book review of A Walden Two Experiment.)

Communities, #3, 1973. "Twin Oaks: a Middle Class View."

Communities, #2, 1973. J. Jerome, "Journal of a Walden Two Commune." (Book review.)

Journal (Providence, RI), Sun., Dec. 10, 1972. "Woman Describes Life, Management at Twin Oaks, Va., Commune." (Interview with Kat.)

Communities, #1, Dec. 1972. "Twin Oaks."

Lifestyle!, Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov. 1972, pp.36-52

Communities, Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov. 1972, pp.24-29.

Virginian Pilot (Norfork, VA), Thursday, Sep. 28, 1972. "Twin Oaks," 2pp.

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), Sun., Sept. 10, 1972. "Louisa Commune Promotes New Lifestyle."

Communitas, #2, Sep. 1972. "Twin Oaks Conference." (About the 1972 Communites Conference at Twin Oaks.) Alternatives, No. 3, Summer, 1972, p. 38.

Communitas, #1, July 1972. "Virginia, the New Dominion of Community." (Article about communities in Virginia, including Twin Oaks.)

The Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA), May 9, 1972. "Twin Oaks Nears Skinner's Utopia." Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Feb. 1972. "Parents and Children." (Three articles on behaviorism and children at Twin Oaks."

NPS Newsletter (National Park Service publication), Mar. 20, 1972. "A day with Youth," p. 6-7. (An NPS executive management seminar attended by Tamar and Will.)

Women: A Journal of Liberation, Vol 2, No. 4. Marnie Oats, "Twin Oaks," pp.28-30. (An article on women at Twin Oaks.)

Wall Street Journal, Dec. 22, 1971. "What's This?" (An article on the use of business methods by communes.)

Free Lance Star, Town & Country Magazine (Fredericksburg, VA), Sun., Nov. 27, 1971. "Facing the Future at Twin Oaks." (Cover Story)

Technician (North Carolina State University newspaper), Oct. 25, 1971. "Twin Oaks tries communal living."

Time, Sept. 20, 1971. "Twin Oaks: On to Walden Two," 5pp. (Included in cover story on B.F. Skinner.)

The Washington Star Sunday Magazine, Sep. 12, 1971.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wednesday, Sep. 1, 1971. Helen B. Schaffer - Editorial Research Reports, "Life on Communal Farms is not Utopian." (Reprinted from Racine, Wis. Journal Times, Aug. 26, 1971.)

Racine, Wis., Journal Times, Aug. 26, 1971. Helen B. Schaffer - Editorial Research Reports, "Communal Farms Become Paradise Lost." (Reprinted in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Wednesday, Sept. 1, 1971.)

The Washington Post, Aug. 10, 1971. "Rough Road for Va. Communes."

Daily Press (Newport News-Hampton, VA) Sunday, Jul. 18, 1971. Sandra D. Kolichman.

West Side Story (West High School, Iowa City, Iowa), Fri., Dec. 18, 1970. "Twin Oaks Offers an Alternative Life," p. 3.

The Detroit Free Press Sunday Magazine, Nov. 22, 1970

Gazette-Times (Corvolis, OR), Fri., Aug. 14, 1970. "Curious Revival: Communal Living."

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Sunday, May 3, 1970. "Antibusiness Louisa Group has Gone Into Business," p. c-2. (An article on Twin Oaks' operation of the Yanceyville Country Store, with photo of Kat and Josh.)

(Unknown,) Apr. 9, 1970. "Elusive Security at Twin Oaks Farm," p. 13.

The New York Times Magazine, Sunday, Mar. 15, 1970. "Walden Two, Three? Many More?"

Mother Earth News, Vol. 1, #1, Jan. 1970, p. 56

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Dec. 1, 1969. "In Modern 'Utopia'."

The Modern Utopian, Vol. 5, #1-3, 1969-1971. "Communes, U.S.A."

The Modern Utopian, Vol. 4, No. 1, Winter 1969-1970. "Communes, U.S.A." (Reprinted from Pterodactyl, Sep. 18, 1969. "A Radical Commune - an Approach to Revolution.")

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville, VA), Dec. 28, 1969. "New Lifestyle: Twin Oaks." 3 pp.

The Spectrum (Buffalo, NY) Mon., Oct. 6, 1969. "How to make a living or What I did this summer."

The Spectrum (Buffalo, NY), Fri., Oct.3, 1969, "Utopia, a vision or delusion."

WIN. "A Radical Commune - an Approach to Revolution." (Reprinted from Pterodactyl, Sept. 18, 1969.)

Pterodactyl (a Grinnell College publication), Sep. 18, 1969. "A Radical Commune - an Approach to Revolution." (This article was reprinted in The Modern Utopian, Vol. 4, No. 1, Winter 1969-70, p. 3-9; also reprinted in WIN

The Cavalier Daily (University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA), Oct. 14, 1968. "Twin Oaks, Va - Look at Experimental Living of Walden II."

The Atlanta Constitution, ca. 1967-1968. Celestine Sibley, "First Report Comes Through from Fledgling Farm Group," also, "Experiment in Communitarianism Attracts Young People to Farm."

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia), Oct. 29, 1967. "Modern Utopia is Sought in Louisa."

Life Science, Sep.-Oct. 1966. "Walden Two Convention Report," p. 4.Other periodicals

Walden Pool. Published in Atlanta, 1966 - 1967 by the Atlanta Walden Two Committe, which included members that went on to become the founders of Twin Oaks.

Walden House Newsletter. Published in Washington, D.C., 1965 -1967 by Walden House, which included members that went on to become the founders of Twin Oaks.

Pappus. The newsletter of Dandelion Community, Enterprise, Ontario, Canada, a former FEC community.

Hi Gloss Polyurethane. The newsletter of the now-defunct Federation community, Aloe.

Windfall. The newsletter of East Wind Community.

Community Soundings. The newsletter of the Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC.) Formerly a magazine of the arts for the FEC, back when Comm was the FEC newsletter.

Comm. Former FEC newsletter.