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Walden Two Live. The novel adapted into a play.

Upon Further Reflection, by B.F. Skinner, 1984. This anthology contains a sequel to Walden Two! Few people seem to be aware that B.F. Skinner Wrote a sequel to Walden Two. It's called, "News From Nowhere, 1984," and it's in this anthology. It tells how George Orwell fakes his death and then lives out the rest of his days at Walden Two with Frasier, Burris, the pie lady and crew. Notable in this story is that Skinner (via Frasier) explicitly identifies his ideology as anarchist. I'm sure Chomsky would disagree (not to mention Zerzan.)

The Theory of the Leisure Class, by Thorstein B. Veblen, 2nd. Mentioned in Walden Two

Looking Backward 2000-1887, by Edward Bellamy, 1887. This 19th Century utopian novel set in the year 2000 was one of B.F. Skinner's main inspirations for writing Walden Two.

Walden Two.  A folk-grunge band from the Netherlands.