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Salon.com published an article about Twin Oaks.

"I worked hard for no pay — and I dug it"

When I lived on a commune, I learned that some kinds of labor yield their own, non-monetary rewards.

By Rachel Monroe
Sunday, Feb 10, 2013 06:00 PM EST
This article originally appeared in Cluster Mag.

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We celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge meal and all who choose to do so eating in the main dining room of Zk.Thanksgiving Dinner at ZK


In the feast tradition there is an abundance of food at Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Dessert Table
The dessert table is particularly outstanding!

Our Seeds business grew these "birdhouse gourds" to harvest and sell the seeds. Here they are curing in preparation for seed harvesting.

Gourds for Seeds

You can tell a lot about a culture from it's bathroom reading material. Here are the results from an on-the-spot tour of various bathrooms at Twin Oaks one day recently. You won't find a lot of copies of Reader's Digest....


They're small but at least as delicious as the supermarket kind from New Zealand. These were grown in the backyard of Kaweah.

Hardy Kiwi at Twin Oaks

Our local weekly newspaper, The Central Virginian, mentioned that a Virginia relay race would be running through our County.

Relay Race Colonial 200