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News of Twin Oaks

As of 2016 our news stories are now appearing only on our public Facebook page.

MotherBlessing: Kathryn is due to give birth within the next couple of weeks, and to help support her, some members gathered for a MotherBlessing, offering our wishes for her labor and birth experience, and decorating her beautiful belly. [Posted 5/18/2011.]

We recently installed an array of 48 photo-voltaic solar panels

As part of a special show for Earth Day, Twin Oaks was featured on CNN. The short video may be viewed at this link as long as CNN continues to host it. [Posted 4/25/2010.]

Q: What is Greasel? A: 1. Used vegetable oil powering a diesel engine.  2. This year's Twin Oaks musical!

Our live-performance spoof of "Grease" included members starring as a dread-locked Danny paired with a mainstream Sandy, lots of references to Twin Oaks culture, and songs such as "Hopefully Devoted to Tofu", "Oberlin Drop-Out" and an homage to polyamory: "You're The Ones that I Want". (Posted March 20 2010)

Over a hundred people joined together to celebrate the life of our dear friend Danele. Her journey with cancer ended on October 22, 2009. Although it had been a few years since Danele lived at Twin Oaks, many people were connected to her and we will remember her with much love in our hearts. Danele's obituary. [Posted 6-Nov-2009.]


Voice of America recently featured Twin Oaks.

Voice of America is a federal government program that promotes a positive view of the US to other countries. Read the story the story here. The YouTube video is here.


Family and friends gathered to celebrate the wedding of Debbie and Alexis. The event had lots of music, including cheesy love songs, and a Slavic blessing sung by a guest who is a professional opera singer.

Alexis and Debbie wedding ritual

A group of people takes 24 hours to write a play, build sets, rehearse it and then perform it. Ours was performed in our main community center, and entitled "It Came From The Dumpster: A Cautionary Tale".

New member Janel features Twin Oaks in the piece she wrote for SurviveandThrive TV: The View From A Real Sustainable Community.